Your Guide to Flourite Crystals

With the holidays just around the corner, perhaps you have considered Fluorite Jewellery as a gift for someone on your list. There is a lot of jewellery from which to choose, and gemstone jewellery is a popular choice for that someone special.

The chances are that you have looked at the different types of jewellery that is available and maybe you have considered a gemstone piece. Amethyst, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, topaz and more are all beautiful choices. But if you are looking for something truly unique and that comes in many different options, maybe you might consider Fluorite jewellery.

Fluorite is a popular gemstone that many people may see but not know what it is.  Below we are going to look at some questions people often have about Fluorite jewellery and explore the answers together.

Does Fluorite Come in Many Colours?

Although tourmaline is known as the rainbow storm, Fluorite is also called the world’s most colourful mineral. It comes in many different colours, from colourless and clear to black, almost opaque. Few other stones rival the colours that it comes in.

Quintessentially, the primary colour is purple. However, in Fluorite’s purest form, it’s colourless. Different trace elements are what give the stone its fantastic colour range.

Fluorite’s beauty comes from the range of hues that it offers. Some of the colours are intense and vivid, and others are lifeless and pale. Pink, brown, black and colourless are the rarer colours which Fluorite comes in. red, blue and yellow also are very rare.

Even though generally it comes in the single hues, sometimes you can also find gemstones have multiple, banded colour zones. When expertly cut to highlight the patterns, these are gorgeous.

When you’re choosing a colour of Fluorite, make sure that you’re basing the decision on colour preferences and budget. Generally, the Fluorite with more intense colours are going to be more desirable and therefore more expensive.

How Do You Clean & Care for Your Fluorite Jewellery?

One thing to note is that Fluorite is very soft, with a hardness ranking of just four. Its cleavage is also very distinct, and this is because of its brittle tenacity and the composition’s crystal structure. Because of this, Fluorite can be scratched, chipped, fractured and damaged easily. Even so, you can have your fluorite jewellery for a long time if you take care of it properly.

If your jewellery’s becoming dirty, warm water and mild liquid soap are best. If there’s dirt in spots that are difficult to reach, clean it with a soft brush or cloth. It would help if you never used anything abrasive to clean your fluorite jewellery. It would be best if you also didn’t put it in an ultrasonic cleaner. The reason for this is because the cleaner’s vibrations are going to be too strong and may cause damage.

If possible, you should avoid vigorous activities like running, gardening, swimming or other similar activities while wearing Fluorite Jewellery as it may become damaged. You also shouldn’t expose it to detergents and chemicals, including perfumes, hairspray or cosmetics. If your jewellery accidentally has these chemicals sprayed on it, immediately wipe the jewellery clean.

It would be best if you also store your jewellery separately inside a pouch or jewellery box. Keeping Flourite away from other, harder metals and gemstones will help prevent it from being scratched.

Fluorite Jewellery Meanings & Symbolism

Even though Fluorite isn’t as well-known as other types of gemstones, it’s believed that it has different metaphysical properties and powers. In years past, it also was believed that it could heal various diseases, which included kidney disease. People drank water infused with Fluorite because they thought that it dispelled the diseases.

In more modern times, a lot of people believe that it’s able to help calm the mind and create a more pleasant environment. They even think that it can help students with focusing and concentrating on their homework and studies. It’s considered ideal for individuals who have trouble with being distracted. Just having a crystal made of Fluorite close by will help with bringing in a calming aura and positive feelings. It’s also thought to help with healing negative emotions and mental blocks.

The Fluorite Colours

Many people also believe that it’s a purifying stone which can heal and cleanse you. It’s even thought to be protective and give you safety from hostility. Some people also consider the different colours of Fluorite to have various meanings.  Below are some of them:

Green – Cleansings and renewing chakras. Helps intuition access. Ground & absorb the excess energies, such as environmental energies.

Blue – Use this with the following chakras to achieve desired results:

  • Third Eye – This brings clear communication in between spiritual and physical planes as well as spiritual awaking.
  • Throat – This helps with communicating your intuitive insights in an orderly fashion. Also helps with bringing inner peace.

Purple – Stimulates your Third Eye and will bring sound judgement to your psychic intuitions. Suitable to use when you’re interested in focusing on your Spirit expression.

Yellow – Will bring intuition manifestation and understanding. Great for enhancing creativity and harmonizing group energy. Also great for detoxing.

Clear & Colorless – Use with your Crown Chakra to merge spiritual and personal energies. It also aligns all of your chakras and helps you see what’s holding you back.

Rainbow – Will exhibit a mixture of the properties.

As you can see, there are different things that fluorite jewellery can help with, depending on your needs.

We hope that you have found this to be interesting and useful to help you learn a bit about Fluorite and the beautiful jewellery that it can make. We offer a lot of different colours of fluorite jewellery, and if you have any questions, please ask us. We are always glad to help. Let us know how we can help you, and we are confident that we can help you with finding the perfect piece for yourself or for that special someone on your list.