Distinct Impressions cashmere scarves and shawls are all-natural, lightweight, ultra cozy and super warm. Most importantly, they are incredibly soft, feeling like the baby kitten.

About Pashmina and Cashmere

Pashmina, better known as cashmere, is one of the softest fibres found in nature. It’s obtained from the soft hair that grows in the undercoat of the mountain goat “capra hircus”.

There are varying grades of cashmere.  You will find that each grade will give you a wonderful cashmere experience; however, some more so than others.

This Cashmere hair is incredibly fine, measuring around 14.5 microns compared to wool which is much thicker at 20 to 40 microns. Did you know that cashmere is not only finer and lighter than wool, but is also significantly warmer?

The best cashmere is comprised of fine, long fibres. The fineness of the fibres is what makes cashmere so warm and soft.  Our supplier uses primarily neck wool to ensure premium quality at all times.

Our supplier is one of the most highly regarded manufacturers in Nepal.  As a Fair Trade Company, they follow ethical guidelines for the manufacturing of their products and make sure their employees have the best environment to work in.  This is extremely important to us when selecting suppliers.

We guarantee our Cashmere products are of high quality and are represented and priced accordingly. If you are unhappy with your purchase please return the unworn item and we will gladly refund you.

Baby Cashmere Wool

The wool from the baby goat is highly sought after.  Our baby Cashmere is ONLY obtained from baby cashmere goats. This is wool that comes from the first combing of a cashmere goat. The result is a mere 30 grams of exceptionally fine, soft fibre, measuring a mere 13 microns in diameter (approx. 15 % thinner than adults). The fibre is only taken when the weather is warmer, in late spring, and the baby goats no longer need the fleece that protects them from the harsh winter weather.

As there is less baby cashmere wool available Baby Cashmere Shawls are more expensive than other cashmere/ pashmina products but they are oh so very soft.

About the Cashmere Wool

All our wool comes from Mongolia ( an area well known for the breeding and raising of the Cashmere goat.)  These goats live 10,000 to 15,000 metres above sea level in mountain ranges of Mongolia, where farmers care for over 20,000 goats purely for their wool. As these goats are the basis of their livelihood Keshab’s team care for the goats ensuring they have a sustainable diet and remain healthy. When the temperatures rise, the goats naturally shed their coats. That’s when producers comb out the fine hair, sort it by hand, send it to be cleaned, refined, baled and shipped to our supplier in Nepal who hand weaves your shawl/stole.

About the Colour

As you may know I am all for natural products and an important feature in the production is that our factory takes great pride in the creation of your shawl and as such when using dyes to colour your shawl vegetable dyes are used.  This ensures that they are not only environmentally friendly but most importantly they do not harm the wool and do not have any adverse effects on your skin.

About the Weave

As our cashmere products are using premium quality wool they are hand-loomed. We use experienced weavers who skillfully weave a paisley/floral pattern in the cashmere fabric.