Pashmina – meaning soft and silky

Deep Red Blue band pashmina_01The pashmina drapes beautifully and has a soft, warm and light touch, and with proper care can last a life time.

Organic pashmina shawls are delicately hand spun by skilled weavers. Traditionally the embroidery, rich in colour, and finely hand woven work with no wrong side.  The countless hours of work make each shawl individually special.

Are you buying the authentic product?

One method of testing for true pashmina is to take one of the fringes of the shawl and hold a lit match to the end. When wool burns, it smells like hair burning. If a fabric has synthetic in it, it has a slightly chemical smell. But the true sign is that when you blow out the flame, there is a little hard ‘bead’ left, which stays attached to the fabric. If you burn the end of one of the fringes, and you will be able to tell.

These days there are all sorts of ways of hidding the synthetic fabric by making the synthetic component mixed in with the pashmina and therefore still having the strong animal smell.

I have learnt that the only true way to know is to go to a reputable supplier and this is what we have done.