My name is Kaye. I am the founder and owner of Distinct Impressions

An illness in 2012 and a series of treatment found me in a position where I was at home and found myself asking “What do I do with myself while I sort out my health?” I decided to play to my love of accessories. My mother instilled in me – that the way to finish an outfit is to accessorise & accessorise with taste.

I started my business to share my love of scarves, pashminas and jewellery with the world and to sell my products at a reasonable price.

I decided that to offer the best products at the best price I would need to go to the source (oh dear – I love traveling and meeting new people)  With this in mind Thailand was my first stop as they have the best silk and they are world known for their silver.  Through originally meeting just a few people, my interest and enthusiasm became known and I soon found myself in incredible communities in Asia and learning about culture and what goes into making natural and quality products .  I soon  decided that the emphasis of my products would relate to putting money back into the local communities rather than purchase from mass produced environments.

I learnt how the communities would concentrate on a particular product/ service, some silver, some rice, pottery, silk, wood, hemp, pashmina and along with this comes culture, heritage, love and passing on their craft to younger generations.  The village people lead very simple lives and sell their products to keep their culture alive and to not turn into a highly manufacturing communities with sometimes questionable qualities. Since taking this path I have learned not only more about the products I sell but how the making of these products brings communities together.  To date I have been fortunate enough to be invited into communities in Thailand, Vietnam and Nepal and seen how my scarves have been made with love. I soon had more openings to more products and have found ways to ensure that the money goes back into the small communities.

I now help to support a talented female silversmith in Chiang Mai, a silk weaving community in Ba Na Po that keeps the traditional “Mudmee “ craft going, then there is my friend in Vietnam who helps keep a village sustainable with her Shibori Silk Designs.  In Nepal we have partnered with the Womens Foundation and are currently selling silk scarves and pure cashmere pashminas.  There is even the people I buy my little organza bags from – they are women who have survived Leprosy.  They make these bags to create money to survive as they have been isolated from their families

We have now  offer homewares including table runners, and cushion covers and as the opportunity arises I will introduce more wonderful products to you.

When I set up my business I decided that quality and natural products were a key focal point for me.   I am not saying that quality products cannot be massed produced but certain aspects of a product  start to be compromised– things like culture.

We are now trademarked and have a brand “Distinct Impressions” that brings you products which  you know represents quality, and the integrity of the item has been verified and ethically sourced.

The 15 months of treatment was a success and I continue to present my lovely wares to you.  I sell primarily on my website,  I have a stall at some of the local Illawarra markets and you will find my jewellery at Anubian Life at Port Kembla and a selection of scarves and homewares at the Port Grocer.

I hope you enjoy my products



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