My name is Kaye. I am the founder and owner of Distinct Impressions

An illness in 2012 and a series of treatment found me in a position where I was at home and found myself asking “What do I do with myself while I sort out my health?” I decided to play to my love of accessories. My mother instilled in me – that the way to finish an outfit is to accessorise & accessorise with taste.

I started my business to share my love of scarves, pashminas and jewellery with the world and to sell my products at a reasonable price.

I decided that to offer the best products at the best price I would need to go to the source (oh dear – I love traveling and meeting new people)Through some friends and my first trip to Thailand I started to make contacts.  As my business started to grow and I started to make more contacts and as my friendships grew in Thailand, I soon had more openings to more products. and have found ways to ensure that the money goes back into the small communities.

With sustainability, quality and helping challenged communities in mind I am developing my business to embrace this philosophy and along the way, I have met many wonderful people who have shared their culture with me.

We have now expanded to offer homewares including table runners, and cushion covers and as the opportunity arises I will introduce more wonderful products to you.

The 15 months of treatment was a success and I continue to present my lovely wares to you.  I sell primarily on my website, eBay , I have a stall at some of the local Illawarra markets and involved with a Collective of self-minded individuals. We have just built a dedicated photo studio and the future is looking bright.

I hope you enjoy my products