Sterling Silver

Silver BraceletAs a general rule, the best kind of silver jewellery to buy is Sterling Silver. Genuine sterling silver will be hallmarked .925 in most cases but sometimes there are other hallmarks using part of the “Sterling Silver” words. The beauty of sterling silver jewellery is that for people with sensitive skin, you can wear it without breaking out in a rash. The downside is that it can lose its lustre quickly if it isn’t cared for and will tarnish over time.

About Hill Tribe Silver

swirl designHill Tribe Silver is the name commonly used for handmade beads, pendants and findings made by Tribal Villagers in the Northern Thailand. Unlike sterling silver, Hilltribe Silver generally consists of 98-99% pure silver, making it amongst some of the highest quality of silver in the world.Having such a high percentage of silver makes it much softer and malliable and allows the craftsmen to create intricate designs and textures, that are unique to silver hill tribe jewelry.  What makes hill tribe silver so special is that each piece is still handmade by traditional craftsmen, so that no two pieces are exactly alike.