Tips on Choosing the Correct Ring Size

Make sure you can get it over your knuckle

Ensure you measure a size that will go over your knuckle snugly, and will sit comfortably at the base of your finger.

Temperature affects sizing

Temperature, humidity, and exercise can affect the size of your fingers. Many people find rings that fit easily during the Winter months, are too small in Summer due to swelling of the fingers in the heat.

We recommend you measure your finger at room temperature, and if you are prone to swelling and want to wear your ring year-round, get a 1/2 size larger, or plan on not taking it off.

Right and left hands are different

The hand you use to write with will often require larger ring sizes. Don’t assume finger sizes are the same on both hands.

Heavy rings and spinning

For most rings, you need to ensure you can get your ring over your knuckle. But for rings that have heavy tops, this will often mean they “spin” on your finger because your finger is smaller at the base than at the knuckle. You’ll need to choose a size that balances the need for getting it on and off, and avoiding spinning.

Wide bands require a larger size

For bands that are wider than 10mm, you should consider getting a half or one size up (depending upon the width) as it will be more comfortable to wear.

Getting tight rings on and off

Liquid handsoap is the best lubricant for getting tight rings on and off. Just rub a little soap over your knuckle and the ring will slide off effortlessly.


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