My name is Kaye. I am the founder and owner of Distinct Impressions

In 2012 an illness forced me to make changes in my life. I found myself starting a business emphasising my love for silver jewellery and accessories.

When searching for the unique and exceptional, my husband and I found ourselves invited to communities throughout Asia and learning about the culture and what goes into making natural and quality products.  We found that a community focus on a particular product or service. Be it silver, pottery silk or pashmina, each locality built a culture and heritage around their craft. These diligent craftsmen pass on their love to each generation.

We found that the villagers lead simple but rich lives and sell their products to keep their culture alive. They tend to shy away from high quantity manufacturing methods as this can lead to questionable quality. While I’m not saying that quality products cannot be massed produced, certain aspects of a product start to be compromised – things like culture.

We trademarked our brand “Distinct Impressions”. We enjoy discovering new and wonderous products created by artisan craftsmen and bringing them to you.

When you purchase a product under the Distinct Impressions brand, you purchase a product that ticks all the boxes. It represents sustainability, quality, and the integrity of the item that has been verified and ethically sourced.

When you purchase from us, you also support a talented female silversmith in Chiang Mai, a silk weaving community in Ba Na Po (that keeps the traditional “Mudmee“ craft going). Then, my friend in Vietnam helps maintain her village’s sustainability with her Shibori Silk Designs.

In Nepal, we have aligned ourselves with a Cashmere business that supports Disabled Newlife Centre Nepal (disabled & disadvantaged children’s shelter).

Then there are organza bags (used for jewellery) created by leprosy survivors in Nepal. Isolated from their families, they make these bags to survive.

Be cherished and find enjoyment in our products which support and keep many cultures alive.

Kaye xx

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