Bone Cream Handmade Nepal Cashmere Stole


Composition: 100 % Cashmere

2 Ply

Fringed Edges

Size: 200 x 65cm

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This Bone Cream Handmade Nepal  Cashmere Stole Shawl Wrap is 100% Cashmere. A beautiful layering piece. These shawls are luxurious, soft, warm and comfortable for all seasons. This Cashmere shawl is very light and hand woven in Nepal.

Double-ply or two-ply yarns are made by twisting two threads together giving it extra strength.

Cashmere is the fibre or fabric woven from fibre deriving from the undercoat of certain high-elevation (and therefore long-haired) breeds of Capra hircus, the domestic goat. In order for these goats to protect themselves from the harsh temperate climate, the goats have developed short, thin and shiny inner coats on their underbelly over time. These short inner hairs have proven to be the best natural insulation in the world. When these goats shed their hair during spring, these are collected to form the pashmina. handles returns and processes refunds in accordance with the Australian Consumer Protection legislation.

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